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MIAMI FLY FISHING - Everglades Fly Fishing for Snook in Florida Bay ("Out Front")

Everglades Snook: Miami Fly Fishing GuideFlorida Bay is a series of flats, islands and channels that lie just off the Southern edge of Florida's mainland. The water color in Florida Bay is clear to muddy green and few tidal flushes will clean it up.

Spring is a great time for sight fishing snook on the flats here although the population was decimated in a freeze in the Park in January 2010. However, I am happy to report that I am seeing more and more of them each season since the cold kill.  A great tactic is to look for bait jumping on skinny shorelines and look for the mud/splash when one eats. Or, you might even hear the pop! as they suck in a bait. Another way to find them is to pole mullet muds and look on the edge of the muddy water for the outline of the fish since they tend to gather in more clear spots on the muds. I also spot them on shorelines lying motionless above the mud bottom sunning during the winter,where they are simply warming in the sun.  

Presentation: On the flats you must strip the fly by a snook's face unlike redfish that you let find it. On mud banks you will present the fly near them or in their path if they are cruising. Once there then strip the fly across the mud bottom creating a “muddy path” like a fleeing crab or shrimp. They will follow it and inhale it if in the feeding mood. If you are blind casting, put your weedless fly way back into the mangrove roots then just strip it out, a popper or deer hair diver is great here.  

Prey Items: Mangrove tree crabs/blue crabs, shrimp/snapping shrimp, mullet and peripheral bait fish/sailfin mollies-killifish.

Flies: My go-to fly is a mullet/baitfish pattern like a deceiver. I have my own pattern for this in grizzly/white (white belly is important). Also I like crab patterns, spoon flies and divers/poppers. 1/0-2/0 hooks.

Leaders: 9ft long, 30-40lb shock tippet.  

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