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Miami Fly Fishing - Data Concerning Strength of Super Blood Knot

5 of the super blood knots were tied and tested. 

For the shock tippet 40lb Fluorocarbon (Rio) was used and for the class tippet the new Rio Saltwater mono listed at 20 lbs was used. 

The super blood knot was tied just as described on my website, with 7 turns on one side and 3 turns on the other.  

The actual breaking strength of the Rio saltwater mono was 21.55 lbs. 

The super blood knots broke at an average strength of 20.42  which is 95%.  

Here are the 5 individual measurements: 20.60, 25.44, 20.78, 17.47, 17.81 average = 20.42 ± 0.20 .  

Source: Gene Geppert, IGFA Volunteer, Dec 13, 2012