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Miami Fly Fishing for Tarpon: Super Improved Blood Knot

Here are some pictures to help illustrate how to tie a Super Improved Blood knot which has been tested on the IGFA's tensiometer and confirmed to have 95% knot strength. For detailed information on the testing, click here.

Click on each picture below for a larger image to help you tie the knot, then just use your back arrow in your browser to return to this page. 

Super Improved Blood Knot
#1 - Black= bite tippet/White= class tippet


Fly Fishing Miami Tarpon fly fishing super improved blood knot


#2 Wrap the “doubled” class tippet 4 times over the bite.


Miami Fly Fishing: tarpon leader system


#3 Now wrap the doubled class 3 times “over itself” (see the black dots) towards the center of the knot and insert the tag end between the bite and the class.

Fly Fishing Miami: tarpon leader system: Super Improved Blood Knot

#4 Now wrap the bite over the class three times.

Fly Fishing Miami: Tarpon Leader System Super Improved Blood Knot

#5 Insert the tag end opposite of the class tag end through the hole.


Fly Fishing Miami: tarpon leader system

#6 Lube the knot with some spit or water,  put on some gloves and snug it up holding on to the double class and single bite tippet. Pull hard!


Miami Fly Fishing: Tarpon Leader System


#7 - The finished knot should look like this. Now trim the 3 tag ends.


Miami Fly Fishing: Tarpon Leader System


Now you are ready for the fish of a lifetime!