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Miami Fly Fishing Option: Everglades National Park Fly Fishing

We have options within options when Fly Fishing in Everglades National Park: 1) "Out Front" and 2) "Out Back."

Miami Fly Fishing option: Everglades National Park fly fishing - redfish on flyEverglades Fly Fishing "Out Front" of Flamingo:

Here we'll launch the boat on the Florida Bay side at Flamingo. This is where we'll go for some great opportunities to stalk the flats for tailing redfish and snook and in pursuit of tarpon, depending on the time of year and the weather. Miami Fly Fishing Option: Everglades National Park Angler John Machin trout on fly with Capt. Dave Hunt

Shallow flats provide great sight-fishing opportunities and the estuarian waters provide an ample supply of baitfish which keep gamefish hanging around. Big sharks also prowl these waters and provide an interesting alternative.

Miami Fly Fishing - Everglades snook, Angler John Machin fishing with Capt. Dave Hunt



Miami Fly Fishing: Everglades tarpon on fly. Angler John Machin. Guide: Capt. Dave HuntFood fish such as seatrout and snapper are also abundant as are a # of more unusual species. This is a great place to target an Everglades Grand Slam: snook, redfish, tarpon and trout all on the same day. The photographs shown here are from such a trip with angler John Machin.


Everglades Fly Fishing "Out Back" of Flamingo

Miami Fly Fishing: Everglades backcountry grouper. Angler Oz Saiki. Guide: Capt. Dave HuntThis is a true "backcountry" experience. We'll launch on the Whitewater Bay side at Flamingo and run thru Tarpon Creek. We'll fish deep in the mangroves, maybe check out famed locations such as Hell's Bay, Shark River or Tarpon Bay.

"Out back" we'll have a wide variety of fishing options that can range from sightfishing for tarpon, redfish and snook to working deeper areas for snapper and grouper.

Fun species such as ladyfish, jacks and sharks are also abundant in different areas. We also have a good chance to see schools of feeding porpoise, alligators, bald eagles and many other bird species, as well as the elusive manatee and crocodiles. This is another true journey into nature.

The fly tackle: most days a 6 to 8 weight rod is appropriate….lean more towards the 6 weight for flat calm days and the 8 wt when it's breezier. A good saltwater reel spooled with ample backing and a good weight forward floating line will be our primary go-to rod. If we're targeting tarpon - we'll bring 10-12 wt rods as well. We'll talk about specifics prior to your trip. Fly patterns we'll use will include deceivers, clousers, crab patterns and spoon patterns. All should have weed-guards.

Final thoughts on Fly Fishing in Everglades National Park: Outfront: this is a great day on the water for those who enjoy the combination of hunting and fishing. We'll go out and pole the flats, working the feeding patterns until we spot tailing or cruising fish and get you set up to make the cast. Tailing fish are already eating so when they find the fly or jig—its usually off to the races! Outback: This is a great day on the water for those who enjoy exploring small bays and mangrove creeks and getting a true taste of the Everglades, as well as enjoy some great fishing.

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