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Miami Fly Fishing for Night Tarpon

Tarpon on Fly Miami: night tarponIf you've never been fly fishing in Miami at night, and you like catching fish - its a must do. Riding out across Biscayne Bay shimmering with the lights of the city around you, you will begin the new experience. Then the fishing starts and the wackiness known as the tarpon tango begins. Hooking tarpon at night is a whole new game, and a whole lot of fun as well.

The fly tackle: The go-to rod here is a 10 weight, spooled with line you aren't real attached to. This is a bit of combat fishing - the fun kind. A good saltwater reel with a good drag, spooled with ample backing is also key. Miami fly fishing guide: Capt. Dave Hunt night tarponWe'll talk about specifics prior to your trip. Fly patterns we'll use will include a variety of my night tarpon flies. This is a specialty trip and while other flies might work, I've got a decent array that usually unlocks the door if something "usual" isn't working. Spin fishing: I prefer not to take spin equipment on these trips.

Final thoughts about Fly Fishing in Miami for Night Tarpon

The night tarpon trips are a perfect backup plan should weather foul a day trip and should definitely be considered when planning multiple day trips. They are also a great option for those who will be in town on business who can sneak away for a few hours in the evening.

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